If you think you’ve got the shutter speeds down to a tee, sourced the perfect location and caught the sun on a chirpy day, you might want to consider selling your image to a stock provider. This is a great way of getting your work out into the open and generating a little extra money in the process.
However, people tend to snatch at this opportunity before they’re ready – severing their link with the provider at the first point of contact. All it takes is a little patience and judgement on your part. You must understand what makes a quality image and what people are looking for. Although this assessment can take place after you’ve enlarged the snap on Photoshop, it’s advised that you take yourself through the key points before you start snapping. That way, you’ll ensure picture perfect shots are delivered to your card every time.

So, without further ado, here are some areas to consider on your next outing.

The idea

Concept – It almost goes without saying, but you must have a clear vision of your shoot before it can take place. You’ll be forced into scrabbling for a suitable category otherwise. Think who might be interested in purchasing your shot from the stock library and what they’d like to see. An explanation of your concept must always define the image.

Composition (pre-shoot) – Learn the golden rules of photography before you disobey them! There are plenty of printed guides, articles and videos about the basics of photo composition which explain how you can guarantee top results.

Your own shoot

Lighting – Stock providers pride themselves on being able to deliver quality, which is why you must pay attention to key areas like lighting. Even when you’re snapping in natural light you should wait until any specks of grey are clear from your view. Try different angles and heights to get the best out of your conditions.

Camera settings – You might have a clear list of custom settings that suit your own style of photography. Great! Just ensure that you’ve selected the right white balance, ISO and shutter speed for the conditions. Failure to do so could lead to a dark, blurry photograph, which might seem adequate on your 1.5 inch screen. It’s only when you get home that its true quality can be revealed.

Colours/themes – In most cases, colours sell images. An attractive image will enhance the topic, giving the viewer an improved version of the reality. If you were taking a picture of mount Snowdon, for example, you’d want it to be taken with the sun beaming off its peaks; not a cloud in sight. Behind a backdrop of mist and rain, on the other hand, it looks much less awe-inspiring.


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